Nuestro equipo


The company founded in 1970 by Pedro Pascual and now directed by Javier Pascual and Oscar Pascual, is formed by a team of more than 20 people, divided into three large departments. 
Design, led by Nuria Fernández, also responsible for developing the brand image and marketing strategy and communication, as well as the exclusive design of beautiful collections of sinuous shapes, rich in details of nostalgic and oriental inspiration.  
Production, department in charge of Pol Andrés, in which we take care of the detail of each of our jewels, melting, setting and mounting silver and precious stones, in careful and innovative ways. Always looking for improvement of every detail that make each piece unique in its finishes.  
Finally, Accounting and Finance Administration, by Juan López, department in which care is taken of the professionalism and interrelation of each of our departments, giving unity to our company. This area caters to each of our clients, paying attention to all the requirements that help us grow day by day, to offer the best to people who believe in us.