If there is something that distinguishes the collections of SUNFIELD jewellery is its beauty and its craftsmanship. This process is something that we feel especially proud because it makes each piece unique, there are no two alike even though they look the same design. In addition, each piece is the illusion and love of a lifelong profession, with everything learned on a long way, and most importantly, the creativity and dreams of a team that works daily to make them come true.

With the existence of high indices of industrialization in the present society, if it has been maintained a process of craftmanship has been thanks to the effort of two generations of the same family of jewelers that has developed, transferred and maintained our knowledge.

The materials used in the manufacture of the jewels are of high quality: gold, silver, quartz, onyx, diamonds and leather, among others. In addition, the criteria that defines each line have the solidity to continue in the long time, allowing at the same time, new trends to be incorporate without losing the fundamental essence that permeates each jewel.

Thanks to the loyalty of our customers during all these years, it has been possible for the brand to grow up to now. We know that our work is not only about us, and for this reason, our true satisfaction is to bring added value to the lives of other people who share with us our passion for jewellery.


To know the route of the company we should go back to 1964, when Pedro Pascual made his first contact with the world of jewellery: at 15 he entered to work as an apprentice jeweler, discovering the passion for a job that later he will develop for the rest of his life.

In 1970, and at the age of 24, he founded his own company, Pedro Pascual Joiers S.L. A brand characterized by a classic cut that mainly uses gold and diamonds. But it was from the year 2000 when the company takes a turn, and without losing its essence, begins to bet for a more daring, in which more advanced techniques and traditional procedures get integrated giving as a result SUNFIELD Brand.

From that moment, other materials such as silver and natural stones brought from the most diverse places of the planet, are introduced to combine and form beautiful collections of jewellery with sinuous forms, rich in details of nostalgic and oriental inspiration.